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New Immunization Schedule: 2018

Like we do every year, and sometimes twice, we post the newly updated Immunization Schedule recommendations from the CDC and the AAP. You can get them direct from the CDC of course, but I post them here because I want to do my part in spreading the word And, you’re already here right? So why waste the effort of looking it up yourself?>

This year the link to the CDC page has BLOATED into a bunch of self-promoting side stuff; so, I’ve had to clip their page in order to display it but not foul up my whole page. However, I do give you all the links to their full pages—should you want to check out the specifics. In fact here’s a good link right HERE and HERE but there are others I’ll give you too.
1st Quarter Immunization Schedule for 2018
Additionally, from their pages you’ll be able to see a Spanish version, print pocket cards and even print a full sized poster.

Immunization Schedule
First Quarter 2018 Version

Recently they’ve been putting the growing number of immunizations into graphic form which makes them much easier to follow and understand. (Scroll down within the chart to see footnotes.)

Birth to Six Years Old


Seven to 18 Years Old

Once children begin approaching puberty a different set of circumstances apply and the recommendations are different. Again scroll within the box to see footnotes.


Roll Your Own Chart

And finally, you can even roll your own chart for your own child. Use the “chart generator” below to print out a chart specific to your child with their name and birthdate printed at the top.


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