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Discipline: Natural Consequences The Best 

I’ve written about discipline before; but recently I’ve discovered that my colleague Gregory A. Barrett, M.D. has extensive experience with not only treating thousands of children and teens as their pediatrician but teaching pediatrics and raising a tribe of his own. All that has given him opinions about discipline—its uses, foibles and misuses. Here is a link to an extensive article he’s written about how to discipline children, its: Why, When and How—among other things.

Whenever the subject of disciplining children comes up in the office, as it does on a regular basis, parents commonly request advice regarding how to respond when their child misbehaves and which techniques are most effective. Not to dismiss the importance of “how,” because it is certainly worth asking, but that is only one of a series of questions that need to be addressed. Let’s take a look at them…

Read full article here: [ natural-consequences-are-the-best ]

You Can’t Make A Kid Eat 

In fact there’s a lot of things you can’t MAKE a kid do—well you could, but not without damaging something. Things like eating, sleeping and going potty are the “trifecta” of parenting problems a pediatrician is sought out for to provide counseling and hopefully an answer.

A pediatrician on the east coast calls himself “A Musing Pediatrician” – get it? Well, one of us seems to have been channeling the other for years though we’ve never met. Because I outrank him in years by a decade or more (judging by his photo) I’m going to believe it is he who is channeling me; but, in a lot of parenting things we seem to have the same mind and similar style. You just gotta’ read this!

ADHD, Hyperactivity: Don’t JUST Take My Word For It 

Fussing around trying to find photos to accompany my many posts in the series about ADHD and hyperactivity, I stumbled upon a great article from one of the most “down home” type physicians on the internet, Greg Barrett MD. A professor at a prestigious college, this guy has won many awards from his medical students for just “plain talk” and “making sense”—along with the overall kindness usual with a Pediatrician. Here is a link to his article about ADHD entitled “Errors of commission and omission.”

Popular Santa Tracker Website Open Again 

It still seems early to be saying “Merry Christmas” but all the department stores have been trying to sell me another tinsel Christmas tree since before Halloween. I just thought that I’d make mention that the popular “Santa Tracker” website from Google is back open again for another year with information and games to keep the little ones interested—they’ve even spilled over onto Android with a couple of games. Refreshingly no commercial hype!

Why Kids Today Don’t Know How Much Fun a Road Trip Can Be 

Give anyone older than about 40 enough of an opening to explain the difference between what kids experience today and what they experienced back then – they’ll NOT be a loss for words. Perhaps about an hours worth, if they’re in a hurry to get somewhere.

In the form of a tennis match, Ms. “Lucky Orange Pants,” as she refers to herself, lists six surprising “sets” of differences – all leading to “game, set match.” [Parental warning: some needless profanity]

Getting Kids To Stop Lying – A Mom’s Perspective 

Here is a link to an article on another web site which discusses the “lying issue” some children have, particularly those with ADHD. As previous articles have shown, lying is a part of nearly every child’s life-copeing mechanism but a bit more problematic in children with attention deficit. Here is a fairly professionalized web page, by that I mean “monetized,” but not particularly “in-your-face.” I found the information useful if you have any problems with it please let me know.

Fireworks and Kids 

I’ve written about fireworks and kids before and the time is on us again. I missed the reminder this year for most of the country on July 4th; but, in Utah the battle starts all over again on July 24th, Pioneer Day, which sort of commemorates statehood.

And it is a battle; especially now that all the box stores began selling “mega-boxes” of the gunpowder laden flammables over a month ago and parents are dropping several hundred dollars on the stuff at a single “pop.”

Who do YOU think wins in the battle? The fireworks or the kid?

Keep it sane folks. Please!

Protecting Your Family Against Mosquitos and Their Diseases 

We’ve already described a lot of the mosquito diseases we’re worrying about this summer. And, we’ve also pointed out an extremely valuable reference for travelers run by the CDC. Now, lets give you a printable handout you can use as sort of a check-list to “mosquito-a-fy” the area around your house.

Yea, we know that your neighbor’s yards matter too; but, yours is the place where you need to start!

Personal and Family Travel Immunizations and Precautions 

Traveling the world isn’t as easy now as it once was! The multiple infectious disease are much more complicated, travel immunizations are plentiful but for sporadic diseases and world “health departments” are all too frequently absorbed with other crises or absent all together.

There is a place one can go, however, to find the very latest research and recommendations for travel immunizations and travel safety which takes into account not only your destination but other factors as well – like children, chronic diseases, etc..

Look at the CDC website located in this link and bookmark it for future reference. You’ll see a box where you can select your destination and check any other extenuating circumstances of your travel. Clicking “go” will take you to a page where a whole host of information is available.

Medical Consent by Children and Teens 

This is a “link post” which, as you know, enables me to provide “sidebar” information to you which I find useful from other sites on the web. Also, as you know, I do not link to sites full of “agendas,” “ads” or monetary gain – no matter how good they are. Today’s link: Medical consent by children for their own care.

Usually I merely give a sentence intro; BUT this topic does require some background information so don’t click until you’ve read the short info below – it’s not long. Read more →

Raising Boys Who Like To Read 

Eighty percent of families in the US have not read a story together in the past year – 42% of high school graduates will never read another book for the rest of their lives. Heartbreaking, but take girls out of the statistics and the numbers drop even further. Don’t let your son become someone who thinks reading is “geeky.” Here is how one mother has (is) preventing it – with examples.

Sore Throat, Mold and Flat Feet in the UK 

I’ve just spent a fair amount of time updating a previous article in the Q & A section covering Sore Throat, Antibiotics, Mold and Flat Feet; which, as it turned out, became quite a full-fledged article.

If any of those topics interest or apply to you, it would be beneficial if you took a look. The question came from a worried “mum” in the United Kingdom and took me a bit of research to translate all the medicines available over there across the pond to what we use over here. It may surprise you that parents everywhere must deal with similar problems to keep their children well.