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Sexting, What Parents Should Know 

A link to a follow-up blog post by Hayley Kaplan. This time giving advice for parents about their children sexting on their phones and computers.

Family Bicycles the Panamerican Highway 

“What would you do if you weren’t afraid” is the subtitle of a blog by a Boise Idaho family who rode their bicycles the entire American continent – Alaska to Argentina. Mom, dad and twin 12-year-old boys took three years of “home schooling,” did it… and wrote about it.

Finding A Good Doctor 

How do you find a doctor for your child? The most highly trained, specifically for children, would be a board certified Pediatrician; but, not all doctors are equal and doctors do change during their career. You shouldn’t need to put up with poor office and practice procedures like availability, returning phone calls and lab follow-up. Here is some advice on how to locate a good doctor for your child in your area and a list of questions to answer when “interviewing” potential pediatricians.

Thermometer Options For Taking a Child’s Temperature 

Which kind of thermometer do you purchase to take your child’s temperature? This article explains the options with their pros and cons. The cheapest and most reliable is still the old fashioned mercury one your mom and grandma used but the digital one is next best.

Parenting Made Easier? 

A link to a blog post about making parenting easier? Well to the extent that reading some fairly simply stated guidelines can make it, here is an interesting example from the University of Arkansas department of pediatrics. Kristin Zolten and Nicholas Long.