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Immunization – Autism Link Debunked, YET AGAIN

As if the hundreds of follow-up research studies weren’t enough to debunk the fraudulent claim by Andrew Wakefield of a link between immunizations and autism, yet another has been completed which did the same thing.

A case study by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) involving 1000 children showed that the number of vaccines administered to children, either in one day or in the total first two years of life, HAS NO BEARING ON AUTISM RISK. In fact there were no significant differences between those who did or did not have ANY Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in either the total number of antigens from vaccines received in the first two years of life or the maximum number of antigens received on a single day.

boy-shots-2Not only that, researchers can say that: increasing exposure to antigen proteins or polysaccharides in vaccines between 3 months and 2 years had no associated risk of developing an ASD. AND, the odds ratio of ASD association with cumulative vaccination exposure was not significant (i.e. no better than random chance) at 3 months, 7 months or two years. AND there was no risk for an ASD associated with single-day exposure. AND no increased risk for autistic disorder or ASD with regression. AND no association with any of the disorders and exposure to thimerosal or whole-cell pertussis vaccines. AND the total number of vaccines received were the same between children with ASD and those without ASD.

Every time I need to write an update article on this topic I get more than a little incensed at Wakefield who was subsequently shown to have committed fraud in his claims. Understandably, thousands of parents worldwide didn’t give their children the immunizations until his claims were proven to be untrue. However, still today, there are those with ulterior motives who just don’t seem to be convinced – perhaps never will.

Fortunately, the hysteria has subsided and the vast majority of children in developed countries are being immunized again with the resulting drop in significant illness and death in the worlds children.

Unfortunately, it’s still a lot of shots. Wish it wasn’t, but there you are. what we really need now is a breakthrough in vaccine technique to make it painless and comfortable.

[J Pediatrics – Published online March 29th 2013] – Full Article

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