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Why Kids Today Don’t Know How Much Fun a Road Trip Can Be 

Give anyone older than about 40 enough of an opening to explain the difference between what kids experience today and what they experienced back then – they’ll NOT be a loss for words. Perhaps about an hours worth, if they’re in a hurry to get somewhere.

In the form of a tennis match, Ms. “Lucky Orange Pants,” as she refers to herself, lists six surprising “sets” of differences – all leading to “game, set match.” [Parental warning: some needless profanity]

Why So Many Illnesses In My Child

I spend a lot of time writing about and explaining illness; while assuming you know about “bugs” and “viruses” and “Immunity” and “baby shots” (in quotation marks because they are “general” vague terms). Kids get sick, get better, get sick, get better and get sick again. How much is too much?
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Yogi Berra’s Tips For Practicing Medicine and Parenthood

I’m going to take a stab at a posting about another doctor’s observations which seem to have struck me strongly enough that they’ve captured much of my mental “wait cycles” over the past week. You know, the “cycles” of your fast mental computer where it’s “waiting” for other things to “catch up” so it can move on.

Some people call it “time-sharing your brain” others just “day dreaming.”
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Parenting: Good Night’s Sleep

I’m afraid that all the things I know about the topic “sleep problems in infants” rattle around in my brain in a fairly “jumbled” manner. Frankly, the topic of infant sleep is probably the most frequently asked group of questions from new parents and in the “top 3” for all parents; but still….

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Teaching Teens About Healthy Relationships

As I’ve been clearing out my “to do” file of articles, we’ve had a series of posts about parenting teens through puberty and preparing for the skill-set and tasks of adulthood. Pediatricians are in a position to have many opportunities to talk to teens about life issues and I’m thinking that perhaps you’d like to see some “bullet points” of common issues we address.
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Parenting About Sex, Pressure and Promiscuity

“The Talk” isn’t over when your son or daughter says their final “good night” and walks out the door where you’ve been sitting in private discussing the… ahem… “birds and bees” stuff — not, by a long shot!
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Nose Picking In Public a Habit To Break

Dr. Lewis First is chief of pediatrics at Vermont Children’s Hospital and offers down-to-earth advice for parents about how to stop children from picking their noses in public. The nose picking habit – tough to break.

A Good Book is Like A Secret Door

The intro to Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem is merely the tip of Mac’s iceberg: he lectures and he writes books children can get lost in reading. He used to run a free tutoring center for kids in the back of a pirate supply store but now runs the same in a time travel emporium.

The inimitable Mssr. Barnett seems to have a tiny bit of a problem with boundaries – the ones between wishes and reality. Watch how he explains himself in this TED talk describing why a good book is like a secret door, how writing should escape the page, that art is a doorway to wonder… and see if you can spot his plan to send excess Blue Whales to willing kids.

Parenting: An Astronauts Guide To Optimism

Chris Hadfield, an astronaut who recently spoke at a TED conference about “What I learned from going blind in space” tells us in this short video what his New Year’s resolution is for 2015.

Parenting: Loss and Grief – My Velveteen Rabbit 

The internet is a bizarre place where you can have so many “contacts” with people that you consider them “friends” without ever meeting them. Different generations may learn more levels of relationships; mine, calls someone a friend when I begin caring about them, share feelings and become willing to assist when able.

Remy Sharp has taught me about web development for many years although he resides across an ocean and we’ve never met. His personal blog recently revealed a “parenting” experience which many of us understand all too well. Dealing with loss and grief is, unfortunately, an all too frequent aspect of parenting. He’s given me permission to share with you if you’d like to read on…