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Doctor Helen Brooke Taussig – World Renowned Cardiologist

Like others in this series of the 50 top physicians of all time, Helen Brooke Taussig is known by every Cardiologist in the world… most Pediatricians too.

You too would do well to get to know of her, if only to grasp a better understanding on how to care for your own children.
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Yogi Berra’s Tips For Practicing Medicine and Parenthood

I’m going to take a stab at a posting about another doctor’s observations which seem to have struck me strongly enough that they’ve captured much of my mental “wait cycles” over the past week. You know, the “cycles” of your fast mental computer where it’s “waiting” for other things to “catch up” so it can move on.

Some people call it “time-sharing your brain” others just “day dreaming.”
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Cost Effective Medicine – why can’t we seem to find it?

There is a lot more discussed these days in medical meetings than medicine!

The new topics include computers, credentialing, new governmental rules, insurance company policies to control medical costs, and political maneuverings. Now these topics are neither particularly new nor worrisome, but the list just doesn’t stop there.
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Grandma’s Who Haven’t Seen Measles

A major problem we have in pediatrics, I was told one time, “is that we have raised a generation of grandmothers who have never even seen measles.”

The gentleman I was speaking with is a pediatric colleague of mine, and we were discussing the way grandparents and others provide a great deal of teaching to new parents as they raise their first few children. And a grandma who has actually seen a case of measles is a rare find.

I believe what my colleague said is true! Medicine has changed a great deal in even the past few years.  Rubella and other diseases are not seen as much any more.