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7 Things That Won’t Be on the Pediatrics Exam (But Still Matter)

I read a lot of medical journals and pediatrics related periodicals. Many of them are beginning to be published on the web and such is the case of “The Differential” a blog about, for and by medical students. [I’ll give you the URL but it may be for registered physicians only. The Differential]

I must confess that sometimes I can only lean back in my chair and admire the innocence and the endless path of discovery and experience they are beginning. But, other times, when I lean back my eyebrows are raised with the thought that “for someone so young, this kid gets it!”

Such is the case with this recent blog entry by Rick Pescatore a medical student destined for pediatric practice.

forums1. A giant Q-tip/Procto-Swab stolen off the OB/GYN chart can be a great icebreaker for a child reluctant to see the doctor: “Thank goodness you’re here! Have you seen the elephant who needs his ears cleaned?”
2. Boo-boos hurt less when they’re covered with Disney bandaids. They hurt more if Mom holds her breath and winces.
3. When a sick 3-year-old hands you a fake phone, you answer that phone.
4. “It’s probably viral” means very little to the parents of a screaming toddler.
5. Glove balloons have been cited time and again as “dangerous” and “choking hazards.” They’re still fun, though.
6. Don’t take the diaper off until you’re ready — otherwise you may get an unexpected shower.
7. Letting a little one listen to their heart is medicine for your own.
Rick Pescatore, Medical Student

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