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Sleep In Teenagers

Right from birth it seems that tired children can crash to sleep anywhere, anytime they are tired. That’s all over in “teenhood” however, partly because all of the nervous system changes occurring with puberty.
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Ways Teens Can Ditch Obesity

Anyone with their eyes even half-way open can see that the worlds populace is buying larger-sized clothes this decade than in the last.

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How Much Sleep Should Children Be Getting?

Worrying is part of a parents job description and sleep is an issue worried about at both ends of the spectrum – infant, child and teen.

From sleeping through the night, to not wanting to go to sleep, to sleeping all day – just how much sleep should children be getting anyway?
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Parenting: Chris Coyier On “How To Be A Man” 

A successful web developer, author, speaker, blogger and entrepreneur, Chris often was invited to submit articles to “The Pastry Box Project” for publication. His complete submission portfolio can be read here.

Of particular interest to me is his take on “How To Be A Man,” a topic I’ve written about previously when we talked about things fathers should teach their sons; and one which every schoolyard in the world it seems testifies deafeningly that it is largely ignored by parents.

Chris’ pithy observations testifies poignantly that it’s often not that tough.

2015 Advances In Pediatric Medicine – Part 2

We’ve been taking a look back at the progress in medical research for pediatrics which occurred last year (2015). So far we’ve mentioned: Peanut allergies, new autism genes, strep throat guidelines and the FDAs removal of ear drops. Read more→

2015 Oh What A Year For Advances In Pediatric Medicine!

Ready or not, here we go again with another year in pediatric medicine. Statistics all start over; so, for things like “rates” (you know: death rates, immunization rates and injury rates) it’s like calling “kings X” and getting to start from scratch.
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Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth. The word “PEACE” inscribed on the earth in GPS tracks by trekker “Yassan” — a timely message for all earthlings, young and old. If only we had ears to hear.

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