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Merry Christmas From Pediatric House Calls

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from - Pediatric House CallsFather Christmas knows who and where you are

From – Pediatric House Calls

[See you again next year]


Let’s Make our Day Harder

Perhaps now (the week after thanksgiving in the US) is a good time to think about the points he makes. I know that I get a bit annoyed with all the teenage clerks in stores who think I’m gullible enough to swallow their knee-jerk excuse for their lame store not carrying any clothes in my size: “Well we don’t sell enough to carry them,” they spout.

“Look you little brain-dead twerp. There are a whole lot more people who look like me out on the street than who look like you!” – is what I wish I could say. And I probably might if I were a millennial; but, alas, I am not.

Maybe this “anti-pushing-the-button-so-the-door-opens-automatically-for-us” movement isn’t so bad after all. Obesity…