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Reading Test May Diagnose Sports Concussions

Ok, it’s pretty much the last drive down the field for the high school home team who needs a touchdown to win and they are within 15 yards of the goal. On the first snap someone comes from nowhere and sideswipes the quarterback – now he’s lying limp on the field without the slightest movement.

Unvaccinated Children Suffering in Measles Outbreak

Last weeks issue [Apr 25, 2014] of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) was quite disheartening in that it reported a new surge of Measles cases – a disease which was once on the razor’s edge brink of eradication.

Treating Appendicitis Without Surgery May Work

I have to say that reading the research study that I’m commencing to tell you about kinda’ caught me a bit off guard and I’m still trying to “process” it. Treating proven appendicitis in children without surgery – who would even try it the first time to see if it would work?

Parenting A Child With Asperger’s High-Functioning Autism 

Being a parent to a child with Asperger’s High-Functioning Autism is at least high-adventure parenting if not an “extreme sport.” This father of three, EMT tech, photographer is also a blogger of a site he calls: Adventures in Asperger’s.