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Leg Cramps in Children

Would all of you who have had “growing pains” please raise your hands.

Just as I thought, most of you have. You should know however, that even though many doctors use that as a “talking with parents” diagnosis, most of us realize there should really be no such thing as (more…)

Immunization Schedule: Birth to Six 

2013 Immunization schedule that can be printed out. From the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)


Children’s Development After Head Injury

To any of you who have been following the NFL players legal battle over head injuries – or have been reading this blog – the research studies I’m going to describe should come as no surprise.

Spinal Taps in Children

[Mother confused about headaches and wonders if her fussy daughter is having headaches from her spinal tap as an infant.]

Leg Cramps In Children

[A grandma wonders about her grandson’s leg cramps which his doctor couldn’t diagnose with a ‘blood test.’]

Children’s Back To School Medical Problems – Part 2

Children face a number of medical issues when they leave the relative ease of summer in favor of the more crowded environment of school each year. Here is part two of a list of common illnesses and issues facing us at “back to school” time.