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Hospitalized Newborns – One

A residency is basically two to five years in which a physician lives in the hospital.

In the case of a pediatrician, it is three years trying to learn the sum total of the current knowledge about children – and believe me that there’s enough and to spare.

Drugs and Breast Milk – Alcohol Withdrawal

One of the most common questions I am asked is “can I take such and such medicine while I’m breast feeding?”

The concern, of course, is: does such and such medicine get into the breast milk and effect the baby when I breast feed?

Bedtimes and Children’s Thinking Ability

In most of our practices, questions about children’s bedtimes are one of the most frequent queries from parents pediatricians receive. And, I thought we had just about covered it until I heard about some new research on: NO bedtimes — or better said, no specific time for bed.

Aspergers Syndrome: 12 Year Old Blogger 

In researching for another article I stumbled upon the wonderfully insightful blog of a twelve-year-old (now thirteen) boy with Aspergers Syndrome – “Words I’d Use to describe myself before my diagnosis.” His posts are not only well written, but are refreshingly frank and sometimes quite humorous – even if he doesn’t realize it.

Children’s Contact Sports – A “Re-Think” Needed

It seems as though we are in a bit of a trend here with posts about children’s contact sports. It has to do with the fact that I’ve needed to give out advice to parents for years with very little in the way of scientific literature to go on and now we seem to be swimming with research studies.