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AAP Reaffirms Position Against Trampoline Use

In case you were thinking that trampolines have gotten safe enough to warrant spending your hard earned cash on one for your kids – they haven’t… so don’t.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has again reviewed all the safety and childhood injury data and has reaffirmed it’s position against their recreational use by children.

Medical Costs – Prevent Care in Cancer Survivors

Anne Kirchhoff at the Huntsman Cancer Center in Salt Lake City (et. al.) published some disappointing news in the journal Cancer (Sep 24, 2012) about adolescent and young adult cancer survivors (AYA): they’re skipping essential doctor’s visits because they can’t afford them!

Rare Disease Day 

Almost six years ago the European alliance of rare disease patient organizations (Eurordis) launched the very first Rare Disease Day – 29th of February – as a bid to merely raise awareness for the challenges faced by rare disease patients, families, health professionals, researchers, members of industry and government stakeholders.

Leg Pain on One Side in Children – Perthes Disease

Leg pain on one side, without known injury, usually means that a child (usually a boy) needs to see his Pediatrician for a thorough exam. Boys, as most parents know (and despite the political attempts at uni-sexing children), are a lot more likely to inflict injury on themselves due to their general activity preferences.
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What Was Wrong With Tiny Tim? 

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” contained the character of a small boy on a crutch named “Tiny Tim” who “had his limbs supported by an iron frame.” (more…)

Bed Wetting (Enuresis) – 1

Some of you might be old enough to remember a movie on television called “The Loneliest Runner” starring Michael Landon about a famous runner who said that he “owed it all to his mother.”

What he said he owed his mother for was the motivation to become a world-renowned distance runner.

Pyeloric Stenosis and Bottle Feeding

Pyloric Stenosis (PS) is the most common condition requiring surgery in infants under 4 months and we’ve known how to diagnose it and even treat it for a long time – at least since around 1911. (more…)