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Starting Infants On Solid Food Too Early

We made a great impact when we began publishing guidelines about how infants should sleep – incidence of SIDS death dramatically decreased. BUT, we just don’t seem to be getting through as well on guidelines for instituting solid foods to infants.
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Alcohol Intoxication in Children

Let’s see how well you do at playing diagnostician on this case.  You have a four-year old little boy who has been in excellent health.  He was sleepy in the early afternoon, so he was put down for a nap.

Five hours later he could not be awakened and had been incontinent of stool.

Melatonin For Migraine, Who Knew?

This is just a quick post to point out a potentially important discovery in the world of research about Migraine headaches. It’s only one study, but if replicated, could point to a whole new, and less costly, treatment for the malady.