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Immunization – Autism Link Debunked, YET AGAIN

As if the hundreds of follow-up research studies weren’t enough to debunk the fraudulent claim by Andrew Wakefield of a link between immunizations and autism, yet another has been completed which did the same thing.

Food Allergy: Children Deliberately Exposed To Harmful Foods

A new study presented at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (AAAAI for short) annual meeting reports that roughly 11% of allergic reactions in children with known food allergies are the result of caregivers intentionally exposing the child to the allergen.

Ear Infections: Misdiagnosed, Overdiagnosed – New Guidelines Released

Clearly, and by a huge margin, ear infections are the most common diagnosis in all of pediatric medicine. Did I say by a large margin? Clinician visits for Acute Otitis Media (“middle” ear infection – AOM) in 1995-96 were 950 per 1000 children seen! [Makes one wonder who were the 50 that didn’t have an infection]

SIDS, “Back To Sleep” and Bed Sharing

Nearly ten years is enough time that some of you may not remember when our best advice was to always put a baby to bed facing downward so that he wouldn’t choke if he “upchucked” a bit. Things change and to me that was a big one. I almost felt like I needed to phone everyone I had ever given that advice to and (more…)

Aw Crap! Not The Bacon Too

Any of you who have been to an ER or other medical service lately know that we are big on heart health, especially regards to diet. By “we” I mean the medical profession, by “heart healthy” I mean focusing on activities beneficial to your heart and by “diet” it often means: “if it tastes good spit it out.”

Chicken Pox ‘er Chicken Pecks ‘er Chicken Bumps

We’ve got us a bit of a pickle here now that we’ve had such an amazing result with our Chicken Pox vaccine program. Perhaps you missed the news but since we started the Varicella vaccine program in earnest in 1995, the overall incidence of the miserable thing has declined by around 90 percent!