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Where Does The Fat Go When You Loose Weight?

In his TEDx talk, Ruben Meerman answers the question: When you lose weight… where does it go? Does fat evaporate, come out in urine or other body waste or get burned up? You’ll know after watching this short and highly entertaining (there be vapors and smoke and test tubes) talk.

Ruben Meerman is a reporter on ABC television’s Catalyst program and Play School’s first ever ‘resident scientist’. Young audiences know him as the ABC’s Surfing Scientist through his books and television science demonstrations. Ruben’s scientific career began as a physicist, producing optical coatings for industrial, medical and military lasers. He eventually found his true calling in schools and kindergartens, where he brings science to life for children. He is passionate about literacy, numeracy, science education and public schools… and (safe) explosions!

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