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Parenting About Sex, Pressure and Promiscuity

“The Talk” isn’t over when your son or daughter says their final “good night” and walks out the door where you’ve been sitting in private discussing the… ahem… “birds and bees” stuff — not, by a long shot!
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Teenage Sexuality 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has a page on their web site specifically for teens about sexuality (Ages and Stages). It’s something that you can direct them to or even personally show them as a part of your parenting discussions about puberty, growth, maturity and safety.

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Football Causes Brain Damage Without Concussions

You may be too young to remember, but a hugely profitable company at one time saturated the airways with a television commercial showing a burly football (American) player in full uniform speaking to the camera in a nearly Neanderthal or mentally challenged dilect saying “buy one – get one free!” [For you younger generation it’s the dialect of the dim-witted Vincent Crabb when he asked Harry Potter “What’s a die-dum” in the audio-tape version of Deathly Hallows]
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Puberty: Psychological Stages – Part 2

Previously in this series about puberty we’ve learned about the physical changes girls and boys traverse morphing into women and men and how early research by Dr. James Tanner (of the Tanner Scale of puberty) helped further our understanding.
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Puberty: Psychological Stages

I’m sure that Dr. James Tanner didn’t have any idea what would come of it when he took the post that was being offered him by the British Government to continue the Harpenden Orphanage research study in 1948.
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Puberty: Tanner Stages – Boys

Boys and puberty – what a topic. We’re told that only two people in the history of planet earth got to skip puberty so it’s obviously a phenomenon afflicting earth children since … forever.

We’re still trying to figure it out but the task was made much easier around 1948 when Dr. James M. Tanner, a British pediatric endocrinologist trained in the U.S., was asked to Read more→

Puberty: Tanner Stages – Girls

The original study of childhood growth and maturity done by Dr. Tanner at the Harpenden orphanage in England during WWII has been replicated and verified many times since then.
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Childhood Immunizations In A Nutshell: Links

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of blog posts on the internet with outdated information about childhood immunizations. Even the links on a whole lot of physicians web pages fail or point to outdated material.

It’s really not surprising due to the many new ‘official recommendations’ published recently following the frequent recurrences of diseases we thought we had eradicated. Un-immunized children are making new epidemics Read more→

Puberty: Tanner Stages and Growth

Pretty much the second question you field from a parent during your pediatric clerkship in medical school, right after “what’s this yukky looking rash” is: “Do you think (insert name here) is growing well enough?” Or, some equivalent question.
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Measles: The Real Evidence

This year (2015) the U.S. has suffered a huge increase in Measles. An increase unlike any other in recent years! The blame for much of it has been directly placed at the feet of California residents who exercised a “personal belief” exemption in the state’s childhood immunization requirements.
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10 Scary Issues About Concussions

I saw a 5-year-old purple-faced dragon at Sam’s Club trying to go ingognito. She was wearing the lace-up pink boots that everyone knows is what frogs wear when they want to go out on the town. She couldn’t fool me!
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Internet Vaccination Advice Nearly Killed Their Son

I ran across a poignant article while researching the difficult topic of how parents should use the internet to gain medical information – truly, it sounds simple BUT IT’S NOT.

There is a mind-blowing amount of information exposed by a search on Google for about any medical condition! Unfortunately, there is also an incredible amount of crap exposed in that same search!
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