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Childhood Diabetes and a New Medicine – Part 2

Over 20 years ago, while I was in the service, a new method of testing diabetics for blood glucose control was “discovered” and I instantly seemed to know in my gut that it would revolutionize the care for the whole clinic full of patients I was managing – not to mention those kids at camp UTADA diabetic camp I saw every fall. (more…)

Childhood Diabetes and a New Medicine – Part 1

I’d like to talk today about a “new med” for “juvenile diabetes.”

By ‘childhood diabetes’ I mean the ‘type 1’ diabetes that used to be most predominant in childhood as opposed to the ‘type 2’ which used to be most predominant in adulthood. Two different diseases which, confusingly, have the same name.

Reading Test May Diagnose Sports Concussions

Ok, it’s pretty much the last drive down the field for the high school home team who needs a touchdown to win and they are within 15 yards of the goal. On the first snap someone comes from nowhere and sideswipes the quarterback – now he’s lying limp on the field without the slightest movement.

Unvaccinated Children Suffering in Measles Outbreak

Last weeks issue [Apr 25, 2014] of the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) was quite disheartening in that it reported a new surge of Measles cases – a disease which was once on the razor’s edge brink of eradication.