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Rheumatic Fever Video

I’m posting this as a “refresher” for what we’ve already discussed about Rheumatic Fever in previous articles. It’s basic and doesn’t really deliver an understanding of what this disease has done to children in years past or present. It’s full of mnemonic’s, diagnostic criteria, treatment and explanations (perhaps on a nursing student level) but doesn’t convey the heart-break and life-long handicaps inflicted upon its victims.

Good pediatricians and pediatric nurses don’t in any way take “strep throats” lightly and neither should you. Remember take all your medicine for the entire length of time even though the symptoms will clear within a few days!

Here is a video I found that contains information about Rheumatic Fever for “medical types.” A DISCLAIMER is that the commentary is being delivered by a HIRED VOICE-OVER ARTIST, according to the authors bio. I say that, because he apparently knows how to pronounce “synergy” but not “Sydenham” or that “arthralgia” is NOT “muscle pain” but rather “joint pain.”

He gives basically good information but sort of sounds like he’s parroting text material and unsure about specifics of the disease – I would highly doubt he’s a pediatrician. Yes, “Sydenham” IS the name of the discovering physician.

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