pediatric housecalls Robert R. Jarrett M.D. M.B.A. FAAP

Puberty Time Lapse

A child’s growth and development always interests a pediatrician. I ran across an effort by a parent to document his child’s trip into adulthood with something more than the obligatory photo in a bathtub or school photos. It’s an interesting journey into maturity which they will probably both watch many times and a valuable way to document what it took to get where they are now. No wonder teens eat so much and need so much sleep.

The incredible bodily change during puberty never ceases to amaze me. In this project I have a couple other observations as well.

Frist, I’m a bit envious of the technical skills it took to create such a time-lapse montage. Even the calendar on the wall progresses through the months and years, and I’m positive it’s more than one year.

And second, think of what it must have taken to keep his son’s cooperation through that many years! An incredible joint project through a (normally) difficult time of life for a teen where cooperation through long term projects is hard to come by.

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