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School EpiPens and Anaphylaxis

Life threatening events happen to our children more often than we would like; and, merely because it’s where they spend much of their time, such events occur at school a lot. Today, we’ll talk about the allergic reactions known as anaphylaxis and their treatment at school.
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Overcoming Obesity – Treadmill Dance

Carson Dean shows us an uptown funk treadmill dance (not sure where it came from – the Ellen show?). This is a sure-fire antidote to obesity! (And a way to sell treadmills)

Sleep In Teenagers

Right from birth it seems that tired children can crash to sleep anywhere, anytime they are tired. That’s all over in “teenhood” however, partly because all of the nervous system changes occurring with puberty.
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Ways Teens Can Ditch Obesity

Anyone with their eyes even half-way open can see that the worlds populace is buying larger-sized clothes this decade than in the last.

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How Much Sleep Should Children Be Getting?

Worrying is part of a parents job description and sleep is an issue worried about at both ends of the spectrum – infant, child and teen.

From sleeping through the night, to not wanting to go to sleep, to sleeping all day – just how much sleep should children be getting anyway?
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2015 Advances In Pediatric Medicine – Part 2

We’ve been taking a look back at the progress in medical research for pediatrics which occurred last year (2015). So far we’ve mentioned: Peanut allergies, new autism genes, strep throat guidelines and the FDAs removal of ear drops. Read more→

2015 Oh What A Year For Advances In Pediatric Medicine!

Ready or not, here we go again with another year in pediatric medicine. Statistics all start over; so, for things like “rates” (you know: death rates, immunization rates and injury rates) it’s like calling “kings X” and getting to start from scratch.
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Peace On Earth

Peace On Earth. The word “PEACE” inscribed on the earth in GPS tracks by trekker “Yassan” — a timely message for all earthlings, young and old. If only we had ears to hear.

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Let’s Make our Day Harder

Perhaps now (the week after thanksgiving in the US) is a good time to think about the points he makes. I know that I get a bit annoyed with all the teenage clerks in stores who think I’m gullible enough to swallow their knee-jerk excuse for their lame store not carrying any clothes in my size: “Well we don’t sell enough to carry them,” they spout.

“Look you little brain-dead twerp. There are a whole lot more people who look like me out on the street than who look like you!” – is what I wish I could say. And I probably might if I were a millennial; but, alas, I am not.

Maybe this “anti-pushing-the-button-so-the-door-opens-automatically-for-us” movement isn’t so bad after all. Obesity…

Enterovirus D68: Polio Paralysis For The Millennials

This generation of parents doesn’t have an understanding of the magnitude of impact the disease Polio caused on families in the last few centuries so is ill prepared for a new virus which has been creeping into the country causing paralysis in children. Enterovirus D68 as is it now known causes an upper respiratory infection, just as Polio did; but then, also just like polio, for some reason goes on to attack the nervous system in children causing paralysis.

There is, as yet, no known cure or prevention for contracting the disease – short of all the ‘hygiene’ methods we use to avoid getting a cold or diarrhea.