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Influenza Virus Spreads Even Without Coughing

I bet you feel pretty safe around someone with the “flu” if you don’t touch them, they don’t cough or sneeze and you stand at least six feet away. I know I always have and most others I know have as well. Not so!

In an absolutely amazing new study some infectious disease experts have found that (more…)

Food Poisoning Outbreaks of 2012

Despite the relatively luxuriously life we live here in the US, as far as food standards go, foodborne illness (food poisoning) is common and can happen to anyone. How common is it? Well, about 1 in 6 Americans (48 million) get sick yearly. One hundred and twenty-eight THOUSAND are hospitalized and three thousand die. (more…)

Non-Medication ADHD Treatment Results Poor Studies Show

Here’s a great new finding that is bound to draw some ire from practitioners of alternative treatment’s for children with ADHD. I say that because it’s happened before any time someone tries to actually put some scientific investigation into areas of very lucrative sacred cows. What I’m referring to are: cognitive training, neurofeedback, behavioral interventions, and exclusion of foods associated with hypersensitivity. All of these “promise” ADHD treatment.

Antibiotics Used in Treatment of Kwashiorkor, Marasmus Malnutrition

This article is not so much for anyone I know – except, perhaps someone entering the Peace Corps – but to provide “closure” so to speak for an issue that I saw a lot of during my medical training (Vietnam War era). I wanted to write about some new research in the treatment of severe malnutrition (Marasmus and Kwashiorkor) in (more…)

Childhood Immunization: Updated 2013 guidelines

What I have been trying to say for the past couple of days, and kept getting side-tracked, is that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has just released this years immunization schedule (2013) which not only takes into account all the recent scientific studies but tries to make them understandable–as understandable as Read more→

Pediatric Immunizations: Still Needed, Safe?

After writing yesterday’s article about the new 2013 immunization guidelines I started looking for images in my photo-file of a child with Mumps or Measles. I did find one with measles and even Rubella, but not for mumps. So, I looked on the internet to see if there was one in the public domain that I could use because I’m beginning to realize that these days it’s getting harder to find someone who has actually seen these diseases.

Pediatric Immunization: A Complicated Issue

It truly cannot be any surprise to any parent that the number of immunizations invented to prevent childhood disease and morbidity has dramatically increased in the past five years. And, even though the majority of children are living a much more disease-free life, some parents are understandably beginning to wonder if this isn’t too much of a good thing.
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Influenza Update: Jan 2013 – Cases Down, Deaths Up

The Center for Disease Control (CDC), who keeps track of these things, has reported that the number of Influenza-Like Illness (ILI) cases seems to be declining in January; BUT, the death rate is still rising. Through the third week of January the percentage of deaths in 122 benchmark US cities rose to 9.8% from the prior weeks 8.4% (more…)

Night Time Cough Remedy – Honey the Best

Many parents (and some physicians) were a bit surprised several years ago when some researchers did a study on the treatment of night-time cough in children who had “colds” (upper respiratory infections caused by a virus) and found that standard medicines (for which we pay good $) didn’t work as well as supermarket honey.
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