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AAP Reaffirms Position Against Trampoline Use

In case you were thinking that trampolines have gotten safe enough to warrant spending your hard earned cash on one for your kids – they haven’t… so don’t.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has again reviewed all the safety and childhood injury data and has reaffirmed it’s position against their recreational use by children.

Medical Costs – Prevent Care in Cancer Survivors

Anne Kirchhoff at the Huntsman Cancer Center in Salt Lake City (et. al.) published some disappointing news in the journal Cancer (Sep 24, 2012) about adolescent and young adult cancer survivors (AYA): they’re skipping essential doctor’s visits because they can’t afford them!

Pyeloric Stenosis and Bottle Feeding

Pyloric Stenosis (PS) is the most common condition requiring surgery in infants under 4 months and we’ve known how to diagnose it and even treat it for a long time – at least since around 1911. (more…)

Sexting and Risky Teen Behavior

Perhaps the majority of the readers of this blog are parents and perhaps only a few teenagers visit. With that understanding, this post is about a topic which none of us parents had to even think about while growing up but which we better now, if we know what’s good for us – and our kids.

Group A Strep Sore Throat – Practice Guidelines

The billions of sore throats in the world every year are almost all caused by viruses which: means they will resolve on their own, no antibiotics will help and, in fact, may even last longer if we fool around trying to fuss with them. Notice I said “almost” because there is a tiny sub-group of them caused by GAS (group A Streptococcus) which causes physicians grief in trying to diagnose and treat.

Peanut Allergy On The Rise

I don’t usually post articles with such an intense featured image; but, I want to, perhaps, set a new mental image for people when they hear the words “peanut allergy.”

I believe the medical profession (and others) are doing the community a disservice by using the words “allergy” in relation to peanuts for it brings to mind runny noses, coughs, itchy eyes, rashes and wheezing when it SHOULD bring hospital beds, respirators, cardiac arrests and even worse.

Children, Second-Hand Smoke and Flu

This recent development sorta’ comes under the heading “no duh”: an actual medical study has shown that children hospitalized with influenza are more likely to need intensive care and have a longer hospital stay if they’ve been exposed to second-hand smoke at home.

Diabetes, Insulin and Exercise: New Findings

Ok, I realize that what I’m going to describe was just a small study; but, this is a big deal for children with type I diabetes (juvenile onset) we need to talk about.

The statistics show that people with type 1 diabetes who are physically active live about 10 years longer than those who are not active. The real bug-a-boo however is that because BOTH insulin and activity will drop blood sugar, balancing food, insulin dosage and activity is a real tap dance!

Starting Infants On Solid Food Too Early

We made a great impact when we began publishing guidelines about how infants should sleep – incidence of SIDS death dramatically decreased. BUT, we just don’t seem to be getting through as well on guidelines for instituting solid foods to infants.
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