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Hello, and welcome to Pediatric House Calls. I am…
A Physician board certified in Pediatric medicine with Clinical experience including caring for infants, children and teens – well these days mostly children and teens up to twenty-one;
An Administrator experienced in top medical management for several national health insurance companies;
An Author of health care manuals, newspaper columns and even children's stories;
A Business Medical Consultant for drug companies, insurance companies and physician practices;
A Veteran of the US Navy in the Vietnam era;
I make House-Calls.

Back To School Immunization Update – 2016

It seems like all I do is write “back-to-school” articles. I probably don’t but it sure seems like it.

We need, once again, to update you on back-2-school immunization strategies because – as nearly every telephone triage system in the world claims – “options have recently changed.”
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Cardiac Arrest: Commotio Cordis – Treatment and Prevention

Ok, it’s been over a week and your 17-year-old Commotio Cordis patient who suffered a cardiac arrest on the baseball field is back for his follow-up and an answer to his question: “When can I go back to playing baseball?”

You knew he was coming and you’ve had a week to prepare what to tell him… so, go ahead, I’d like to hear this too…

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Peanut Allergy – Possible Treatment

Peanut allergy is, for some unknown reason, rising in numbers every year. Perhaps we were merely na├»ve when I was a child, but we certainly didn’t have any “special table” in our lunch room as a “peanut free zone.” I never once, in my entire school years, had a teacher or classroom even mention that there even was such a thing as kids who couldn’t be around peanuts let alone prohibit them from entering… not any more! They’re everywhere and every school has them.

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Getting Kids To Stop Lying – A Mom’s Perspective 

Here is a link to an article on another web site which discusses the “lying issue” some children have, particularly those with ADHD. As previous articles have shown, lying is a part of nearly every child’s life-copeing mechanism but a bit more problematic in children with attention deficit. Here is a fairly professionalized web page, by that I mean “monetized,” but not particularly “in-your-face.” I found the information useful if you have any problems with it please let me know.

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Cardiac Arrest in a Child Athlete

Most of you let your children participate in sports so it’s critical that you know this. Bear with me, it’ll be fun – and something you want to talk to the coach about.
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How To Tell When Your Child Is Lying

All children in all countries of all races and sexes – lie. Can you tell when they are lying? Watch this and lying will never be the same again.

At two years of age 80 percent of toddlers will cheat and peek at a toy they were asked to leave hidden – and 30 percent will lie that they hadn’t peeked. At three years of age, 50 percent lie. At four years of age more than 80 percent lie and after that most lie.

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Brain On Legalized Marijuana, Cannabis, THC

Medicine is a profession which responds to human misery by discovery and the innovation of solutions. We’re “hampered” in some ways, of course, by ethical considerations for how we treat humans.

For example we don’t go around concussing peoples heads, removing their limbs with explosions or injecting poisons to see how they damage their developing brains. For that we must wait until people do that to themselves or others – like in war, football… and now open, legalized marijuana use!
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