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A Business Medical Consultant for drug companies, insurance companies and physician practices;
A Veteran of the US Navy in the Vietnam era;
I make House-Calls.

Eat All You Take: Portion Distortion

If you’re not actively thinking and pursuing appropriate growth with your kids you’re loosing ground. Why? Because EVERYONE else in the world is using your child for their own gain (yes, often even grandparents) and it’s nearly always the kid who looses – not in weight, they gain in that. No matter how much you “helicopter” you are not always with them and you’ve JUST GOT TO teach them some first-HAND “rules” to memorize so they can do it on their own. This video goes a little fast so you probably will need to watch it a couple times… fortunately, it’s short. Here’s Lewis First M.D..

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Ways To Lower Risk Of Allergies

Even though you may show little gratitude for it on a routine basis, I know you think that your wonderful “developed” country universally has lower rates of every disease than those poor, unfortunate undeveloped areas with little health care. Am I right? And it largely has to do with better hygiene… right? Huh? Huh?
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Why Kids Today Don’t Know How Much Fun a Road Trip Can Be 

Give anyone older than about 40 enough of an opening to explain the difference between what kids experience today and what they experienced back then – they’ll NOT be a loss for words. Perhaps about an hours worth, if they’re in a hurry to get somewhere.

In the form of a tennis match, Ms. “Lucky Orange Pants,” as she refers to herself, lists six surprising “sets” of differences – all leading to “game, set match.” [Parental warning: some needless profanity]

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Children’s Bacterial Skin Infections

It’s incredible how popular the posts that I do with a “guess the answer” format have been. I usually try to make them about topics which train young parents in diagnostic or treatment skills that will help them keep their children healthy and safe.
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William Harvey – Discovery of Circulation

We’ve only just begun, it seems, on our listing of the “50 most influential doctors in history,” a list made some time ago by a medical blog for physicians.

Today we chronicle the man who discerned the true nature of circulation, our number 46 on the list, William Harvey a contemporary of Galileo and Shakespeare and physician to King George of Great Britian.
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“Presidential” Medicine

Anyone who hasn’t just about had enough of all things “presidential” by now must have spent the last year living in a cave somewhere.

I’ve found some “presidential medicine” related stuff that you probably “ought to know.” Just sayin!
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Rheumatic Fever Video

I’m posting this as a “refresher” for what we’ve already discussed about Rheumatic Fever in previous articles. It’s basic and doesn’t really deliver an understanding of what this disease has done to children in years past or present. It’s full of mnemonic’s, diagnostic criteria, treatment and explanations (perhaps on a nursing student level) but doesn’t convey the heart-break and life-long handicaps inflicted upon its victims.

Good pediatricians and pediatric nurses don’t in any way take “strep throats” lightly and neither should you. Remember take all your medicine for the entire length of time even though the symptoms will clear within a few days!

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