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Chickenpox – Children’s Video 

Here is an entertaining (if you’re a 6 year old) animated video involving Arthur Arthur and his somewhat obnoxious sister who have to deal with Chickenpox – or as we call it today: Varicella Zoster.

Important Disclaimer: Now days we know better than to actively seek out infection with this disease and the cavalier attitude depicted in the video should definitely NOT be emulated by anyone, especially parents. Major complications can arise from such an infection which can plague an individual for the rest of their lives.

Tympanostomy Tubes Video for Kids 

Here is a fairly extensive video explaining the function of the ear and placement of PE tubes (Tympanostomy tubes or grommets) for recurrent infections. Narrated by… a kid, for kids.

Talking To Your Teen About Sex 

“The talk” doesn’t seem to be enough any more in the mine-field that is a teenager’s life where drugs and sex related issues are commonplace. Here’s a link to what the Mayo Clinic has to say about talking to your teens about sex.

Body Mass Index 

Body Mass Index (BMI) uses weight and height to calculate a reliable indicator of body fatness for most people in order to screen for potential health problems. Here is a link to a BMI calculator for your child or teen to use.

Physical Activity Guidelines: Exercise For Children 6 – 17 

Even if school wasn’t out for this summer, physical activity guidelines for children are simple and clear – 60 minutes of exercise each day. Here is a great link to simple examples of types and amounts of exercise for children, and two great examples from actual children’s exercise diaries – courtesy of the CDC.

Making Physical Activity a Part Of Life For Children 

Is it really possible, in this day and age, for a child to meet the minimum exercise guidelines necessary for good health? This is a link to simple steps a parent can take to make physical activity a part of a child’s life.

Parenting A Child With Asperger’s High-Functioning Autism 

Being a parent to a child with Asperger’s High-Functioning Autism is at least high-adventure parenting if not an “extreme sport.” This father of three, EMT tech, photographer is also a blogger of a site he calls: Adventures in Asperger’s.

Behavior “Star Chart” 

This mother has a unique approach to her children’s “star charts” – rewarding good behavior and focusing on “successes.”

“Go Wash Your Hands” 

“Go wash your hands” – words children can’t hear often enough; but, it shouldn’t always be from you. This page teaches children why and how to wash their hands.
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Cover Your Cough 

Link to a graphic teaching younger children how to “Cover Your Cough” and why it is important to their health.
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Cystic Fibrosis – A Boy Named Azer 

Living with any chronic medical condition can be exhausting, especially so with Cystic Fibrosis. But few understand just what it is or what it is like to live with it. Here is a blog kept by the mother of a 10-year-old boy with Cystic Fibrosis – Azer.