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Josh Grobin and Friend

We’ve had a fairly long sequence of pretty deep medical articles which, If I’m honest, were also exhausting to write for me; so, let’s take a bit of a break from the intensity and see something that is just so refreshing to me that it brings scratchiness to my throat when I see it. Here’s singer Josh Grobin doing what he does: sing. Watch his eyes and body language and see how he handles this girls experience.

Josh Grobin
Talented Artist – Unusually Giving Performer

However, also doing just what he does, at the same time he’s enjoying performing he shows that he is confident enough in his own talent and position to have no hesitation whatsoever letting others share his limelight. It takes very little of his time, diminishes his own “stardom” not even a little and yet builds up someone else and gives an experience that will fill personal journals for a lifetime – “The day I sang with Josh Grobin.”

Showing a confidant and giving attitude, highly unique to performers of his generation, Josh has a segment in many of his performances where he talks personally with a fan (possibly screened in advance) and sings a few bars with them, of a song they select. On occasion, more often than you’d think, the “amateur” surprises everyone and gives a riveting performance.

To see that kind of kindness in a performer is inspiring — especially to one who notices all types of “parenting” wherever I see it.

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