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Dental ID of children

[A dentist desires contact for makers of the dental ID discs written about in a previous article.]

My name is Dr. Dana Y. I am a pediatric dentist in Oregon. I enjoyed your article and am wondering how to contact these ID companies. I would appreciate if you could provide the information for me. Thank you!
Thanks Dr Y for perusing my site. I was asked the same question about a month ago by another dentist and am sorry to say that the companies have seemed to “gone away.” I tried several avenues to track them down and even talked to a dentist friend of mine who used them a lot in his practice to no avail. He said that the “kid identification phase” seemed to nearly dry up and he quit ordering them.

From my standpoint, however, it seems that the fear of child abduction and harm is more prevalent than ever, I’m not sure why parents seemed (at least in his practice) to have stopped desiring “dental ID” solutions.

I thought of yanking the article from the site but the other content is still, I feel, relevant and have not done so. I guess I just keep hoping that someone, such as yourself, will write in to correct my sources with new information. If you should run across a source of similar ID I would appreciate the follow-up so I could share it on my site.

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