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Dental ID of children

[A reader desires the contact information for some dental ID devices.]

I would like to contact Micro I/D of Peoria Illinois with regards to dental ID Discs on teeth. Could you please inform me of the best way to speak to the CEO or other director. Look forward to your reply. Morris F. DDS
I had a similar query a couple of weeks ago and several within the past few months. There must be a resurgence in either parents asking their dentists for children IDs or those searching for secondary services to sell. Or I guess there could have been a news/magazine article about it but I haven’t seen any.

My article is a reprint from one written about 9 years ago. I’m looking into it in order to update it but haven’t found the information I need. At my first glance it appears the two sources I’ve referenced have either changed or discontinued.

As I say, I’m still looking into it but as yet have been unable to locate a Web presence for either of the companies. If you find a source before I do I’d appreciate hearing from you.

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