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Sorry – On A Health Related Sabbatical

[Frequent readers have most likely noticed that the Pediatric House Calls publishing schedule has gotten a bit discombobulated of late. This is due to a health related sabbatical by its only author. Sorry, perhaps we’ll resume new postings next week – till then why not use the archives links in the sidebar. They are both by date and by category. Or use the search bar for posts mentioning your specific words.]

Merry Christmas Baby

Merry Christmas from - Pediatric House Calls

Merry Christmas from – Pediatric House Calls
See you next year!

Stupid Things Fathers Do: Hand Washing

I‘ve written articles on this before: “Unintentional Learning”; but, darn-it-all, this one simply must see the open light of day.

I was walking down the isle at “Sam’s” club the other day and came across a most “sophisticated” four or five year old attempting to negotiate with a woman, who I assume was his mother, for some preferred food item. I thought to myself “now that mother has her hands full!”
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