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Safe Sleep For Infants: SIDS & SUIDs

The slogan “Back to Sleep” which revolutionized infant sleep methods has been changed to “Safe To Sleep” to broaden its scope and bring other causes of sleep-related infant death “into the fold” for research. Perhaps you already knew that, the slogan has been registered as a trademark of the US Department of Health and Human Services.
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Emergency Medical System (EMS) – Prevention

Just ask anybody. With all the gadgets and technology we have now, most children are saved in emergencies, right? All the television shows prove it, right? Now days, just call 911 and paramedics save most children… right?

WRONG! It is true that, for adults, the EMS system has dramatically improved survival; but, for children the survival rates in out-of-hospital cardio-pulmonaryarrest are abysmal. (more…)

Dental ID of Children

The first time a physician is faced with an unconscious patient of unknown cause, he becomes “sold” on the idea of Med Alert bracelets.

For years, most of us have encouraged diabetic patients to wear these type of bracelets or carry an I.D. card in their wallet.