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Doctor’s Talking About Puberty and Sex

It seems that talking about puberty and sex is one of most every doctor’s LEAST favorite tasks. I know that because some research projects have studied the subject in patients of all ages with diseases of all types and by doctors of all specialties.

Well, it shouldn’t really surprise any of you because it’s your least favorite talk with your kids too (assuming you’re a parent)—and they’re YOUR kids.
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Growing Up – When Did THAT Happen?

(I wrote this parenting article about growing up some years ago and have had fun realizing that now it seems even more true to me than it did back then)

You know, the mind is at once an amazing and complicated thing – and growing up doesn’t help.

Thank heavens we don’t remember everything, but once in a while in your adult life you are surprised by a memory that occurred so long ago you had completely forgotten about it. Things just seem to “sneak up” on you.