pediatric housecalls Robert R. Jarrett M.D. M.B.A. FAAP

Body Odor

Another video by Dr. Lewis First of the Vermont Children’s Hospital. This time he tackles a short video about body odor, a problem particularly concerning for adolescents who’ve enjoyed a relatively odor-free childhood. Noticing it on your child and discussing it with them can allow them to avoid much more embarrassing discussions from their peers.

Puberty changes everything for a child and body odors are one of them. A day’s activity for a 6 year old still may enable them to skip a night in the tub now and then; an adolescent… not so much.

Hormonal changes alter the content of perspiration in addition to making it more copious – a breeding ground for the bacteria causing odors. Simple things like bathing every night and wearing only cotton underwear as opposed to silk or synthetics may be all that’s needed for them to skip taunts by their “friends.”

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