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Juvenile Diabetes and ProBiotics – Yogurt, Bacteria and Children

The Environmental Determinants of Diabetes in the Young (TEDDY) study holds a deep interest for me—really everything about type 1 diabetes. And has, actually, from the very first clinical years of medical school.

Service with Dr. Marv Rallison in pediatric endocrine clinic gave me many early career “firsts” which continued into leading diabetic clinics of my own during my residency and obtaining grants for early studies of hemoglobin A1C (glycosylated hemoglobin)—which eventually revolutionized care of diabetic children and has become the current mainstay of management.
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Do Plants Have Brains?

Neuroscientist Greg Gage—Plants and Brains
Co-founder of “Backyard Brain”

Perhaps you are one of the million and a half people who’ve already watched this video on YouTube about brains and plants—it did go viral after all.

So, what do you think now that you’ve watched the video? Do plants have brains? Greg showed that plants can move when they decide they want to by creating electronic action potentials just like the heart of humans.

He showed that plants can move when they want to see the sun better, when they are touched and when they find something to eat. And, he showed that some of them can actually count and even “talk” to other plants using their action potentials. Does that mean that they have a “brain?”

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

Despite dealing with it—and often even causing it—the medical profession woefully neglected the slightest consideration of “dying” until 1969 when Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross wrote “On Death and Dying” about her experiences with terminal patients.
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Happy New Year

Happy New Year From Pediatric House Calls

Happy New Year from Pediatric House CallsA New Year, Yippie!

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[About this time every year things get a bit hectic around the homestead and we need to take a little hiatus. Hope you and everyone you care about have a perfect holiday season—wherever you may be! See you again in the new year.]