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Brain On Legalized Marijuana, Cannabis, THC

Medicine is a profession which responds to human misery by discovery and the innovation of solutions. We’re “hampered” in some ways, of course, by ethical considerations for how we treat humans.

For example we don’t go around concussing peoples heads, removing their limbs with explosions or injecting poisons to see how they damage their developing brains. For that we must wait until people do that to themselves or others – like in war, football… and now open, legalized marijuana use!
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Sudden Cardiac Death in Child Athletes

Sudden Cardiac Death is, by definition, both sudden and unexpected – especially in a child whose life is supposed to revolve around “play” and “fun.” Unfortunately, it is also increasing.

Just as unfortunate, children’s “play” is often “industrialized” into major competitions with adult methods, standards and expectations leading to unintended consequences.
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Fireworks and Kids 

I’ve written about fireworks and kids before and the time is on us again. I missed the reminder this year for most of the country on July 4th; but, in Utah the battle starts all over again on July 24th, Pioneer Day, which sort of commemorates statehood.

And it is a battle; especially now that all the box stores began selling “mega-boxes” of the gunpowder laden flammables over a month ago and parents are dropping several hundred dollars on the stuff at a single “pop.”

Who do YOU think wins in the battle? The fireworks or the kid?

Keep it sane folks. Please!

Josh Grobin and Friend

Josh Grobin
Talented Artist – Unusually Giving Performer

However, also doing just what he does, at the same time he’s enjoying performing he shows that he is confident enough in his own talent and position to have no hesitation whatsoever letting others share his limelight. It takes very little of his time, diminishes his own “stardom” not even a little and yet builds up someone else and gives an experience that will fill personal journals for a lifetime – “The day I sang with Josh Grobin.”

Showing a confidant and giving attitude, highly unique to performers of his generation, Josh has a segment in many of his performances where he talks personally with a fan (possibly screened in advance) and sings a few bars with them, of a song they select. On occasion, more often than you’d think, the “amateur” surprises everyone and gives a riveting performance.

To see that kind of kindness in a performer is inspiring — especially to one who notices all types of “parenting” wherever I see it.

Safe Sleep For Infants: SIDS & SUIDs

The slogan “Back to Sleep” which revolutionized infant sleep methods has been changed to “Safe To Sleep” to broaden its scope and bring other causes of sleep-related infant death “into the fold” for research. Perhaps you already knew that, the slogan has been registered as a trademark of the US Department of Health and Human Services.
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Otitis Externa: Swimmer’s Ear, More Than An Annoyance

That gunky, smelly, puss draining out of your son’s ear is an infection called ‘Otitis Externa‘ – or possibly Otitis Media that has ruptured and is draining.

With the history you gave I’m guessing it’s ‘externa’ – you can call it ‘Swimmer’s Ear‘ but I don’t, cause it’s certainly caused by a lot more things than merely swimming.
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