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Protecting Your Family Against Mosquitos and Their Diseases 

We’ve already described a lot of the mosquito diseases we’re worrying about this summer. And, we’ve also pointed out an extremely valuable reference for travelers run by the CDC. Now, lets give you a printable handout you can use as sort of a check-list to “mosquito-a-fy” the area around your house.

Yea, we know that your neighbor’s yards matter too; but, yours is the place where you need to start!

Personal and Family Travel Immunizations and Precautions 

Traveling the world isn’t as easy now as it once was! The multiple infectious disease are much more complicated, travel immunizations are plentiful but for sporadic diseases and world “health departments” are all too frequently absorbed with other crises or absent all together.

There is a place one can go, however, to find the very latest research and recommendations for travel immunizations and travel safety which takes into account not only your destination but other factors as well – like children, chronic diseases, etc..

Look at the CDC website located in this link and bookmark it for future reference. You’ll see a box where you can select your destination and check any other extenuating circumstances of your travel. Clicking “go” will take you to a page where a whole host of information is available.

Mosquito Illnesses – Zika, Dengue and Others

For the first time in a long time that I can remember, the dislike of mosquitos has taken on an entirely new life this summer. Most certainly due to all the medical news about the mosquito illnesses and Zika; but, there are other diseases mosquitos harbor too that we can’t just rely on “citrus smells” and “bug zappers” to defeat.
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Torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) – Lachman Test

Lachman Test
Identifying an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear

The Lachman test is pretty easy to explain to someone but difficult to understand without some kind of example.

graphic drawing of the structures of the knee for the lachman test
Graphic depiction of the structures in the knee

A plastic model of the knee helps in understanding but an actual patient is better. Unfortunately, there isn’t always one available during your “teaching moment.”

A great alternative is a good teacher and a cooperative patient on a video – like this one.

The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is hidden inside the knee joint and is diagnosed by performing the Lachman Test during a thorough physical exam – like this one by a pediatric orthopedist.

As you watch him explain the terms: “medial” means “inside or middle“; “lateral” means “outside“; “anterior” means “to the front” and “posterior” means “to the rear.

There are two “collateral” ligments – one on each of the medial and lateral sides of the knee which prevent right and left scissoring of the lower leg outward and inward.

And there are two “cruciate” ligments – the anterior and posterior, in the middle of the joint which prevent the lower leg from slipping forward or backward out of the joint.

There are other tests which diagnose tears in the remaining three knee ligaments that are not described here. An ACL tear is the most common injury of this type.

Summer Injury Alert – The Top 11

A summer injury is best to be avoided if we want to make the most of the sun, fun and time out of school. Fortunately, most all of the common ones are preventable if we are but forewarned and take a few precautions.
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Medical Consent by Children and Teens 

This is a “link post” which, as you know, enables me to provide “sidebar” information to you which I find useful from other sites on the web. Also, as you know, I do not link to sites full of “agendas,” “ads” or monetary gain – no matter how good they are. Today’s link: Medical consent by children for their own care.

Usually I merely give a sentence intro; BUT this topic does require some background information so don’t click until you’ve read the short info below – it’s not long. Read more →