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Pediatric Brain Injury – Improved Outcome With Early Nutrition

Ok, this is technically just bizarre and I’m not sure how to really present it; BUT, this issue about brain injury is just so compelling and important (if it’s true) that it clearly must not go unsaid.

The bizarreness comes because a “back-door” finding in a “brain injury and hypothermia” study showed a substantial finding about an “un-related” issue: feeding!
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Talking To Girls About Menstruation

Talking To Girls About Periods, Menstruation and Hygiene
Being “period positive”

It’s been so long ago now that most current young parents probably don’t even remember all the fal-de-rah that occurred in this country (US) back when “sex-education” was introduced into the official school curriculum.

Now it’s so official in the U.S. school system that most everywhere it has changed from the original “opt-in” side-bar to a teachers lesson plan into a fully-integrated, several-day portion of the curriculum only avoided by taking “opt-out” methods through official protocols.

Completely leaving out parental rights and religious issues, not discussing puberty issues with children robs them of a chance to prepare, avoid embarrassment and, as in the case of menstruation, take steps to practice adequate menstrual hygiene and avoid illness and serious complications.

Aditi Gupta, a native of India, knows all too well these current issues and described them in her current TED talk revealing that three out of ten Indian girls still don’t know about the issue at the time of their own first period. “In some areas,” she said, “it’s as high as 9 out of 10!”

Her talk was about what she and others are currently doing to break the taboo and destructive customs in her home country and around the developing world.

She advises parents that: “if YOU are ashamed about your period then your daughter will be too. Be ‘period positive’.”

Teens, Doctors, Texting and Medical Care

Most of my generation’s doctors almost never text, especially about patients and their medical problems; On the other hand, it seems that teens never quit texting. Is there a land somewhere in the middle where a use for texting lives with doctors and patient care? Yep!
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Yogi Berra’s Tips For Practicing Medicine and Parenthood

I’m going to take a stab at a posting about another doctor’s observations which seem to have struck me strongly enough that they’ve captured much of my mental “wait cycles” over the past week. You know, the “cycles” of your fast mental computer where it’s “waiting” for other things to “catch up” so it can move on.

Some people call it “time-sharing your brain” others just “day dreaming.”
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The Single Best Health Drink: Water

The “health drink” industry tops billions of dollars each year of our money; but, very little of it is the best there is. And the best there is needs only to cost you very little if anything – and doesn’t come in a package of any kind, especially those that depend on the oil or chemical industry.

Watching this video will show just how available this drink is, how little it costs and how much it will help your body.

Cell Phone Use and Brain Tumor

How long has it been now since there was a big deal made by the press about cell phone use causing cancer? Ten years? More? I honestly don’t remember; but, it’s been quite awhile. And what was the Answer? Did they ever say?
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