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Sore Throat, Mold and Flat Feet in the UK 

I’ve just spent a fair amount of time updating a previous article in the Q & A section covering Sore Throat, Antibiotics, Mold and Flat Feet; which, as it turned out, became quite a full-fledged article.

If any of those topics interest or apply to you, it would be beneficial if you took a look. The question came from a worried “mum” in the United Kingdom and took me a bit of research to translate all the medicines available over there across the pond to what we use over here. It may surprise you that parents everywhere must deal with similar problems to keep their children well.

The Fading Art of the Physical Exam 

The physical exam has not diminished in it’s critical importance even one smidgen over the years. If anything it’s even more important now than ever. Unfortunately, some physicians have succumbed to other pressures and are short-changing patients by neglecting them in favor of added cost testing and other laboratory work.

Listen to this 5 minute story on NPR’s Morning Edition about the physical exam, its importance, its neglect and what some physicians and institutions are trying to do to get doctors to recognize its importance.

President’s Day and Doctors

Doctors and The President have always had an interesting relationship. Each president, like all of you, has sought a physicians help while in office – clear back to the 1800’s when President George Washington had a boil on his hip lanced; so, there is usually a “first doctor.”
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Where Does The Fat Go When You Loose Weight?

Ruben Meerman is a reporter on ABC television’s Catalyst program and Play School’s first ever ‘resident scientist’. Young audiences know him as the ABC’s Surfing Scientist through his books and television science demonstrations. Ruben’s scientific career began as a physicist, producing optical coatings for industrial, medical and military lasers. He eventually found his true calling in schools and kindergartens, where he brings science to life for children. He is passionate about literacy, numeracy, science education and public schools… and (safe) explosions!

School EpiPens and Anaphylaxis

Life threatening events happen to our children more often than we would like; and, merely because it’s where they spend much of their time, such events occur at school a lot. Today, we’ll talk about the allergic reactions known as anaphylaxis and their treatment at school.
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Overcoming Obesity – Treadmill Dance

Carson Dean shows us an uptown funk treadmill dance (not sure where it came from – the Ellen show?). This is a sure-fire antidote to obesity! (And a way to sell treadmills)