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School Nurses – Reinventing the Weel

I remember when my elementary school had a school nurse that we could go to for “boo-boo’s” and other things like shots. She was the one who called our parents to see what was wrong if we weren’t at school and checked our eyes each year to make sure we could see the blackboard.
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Flu Shot 2015-16

I’m sure you realize that it’s pretty much impossible to predict which of the hundreds of variants of influenza virus will “win out” and spread throughout the world in any given year – or which flu shot vaccine we should begin making nearly a year in advance!
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Parenting: 5 Things Dad’s Should Teach Their Sons

It was quite some time ago now (almost two years) that I accidentally ran across a posting on one of the many “mommy blogs” entitled “Five Things Dad’s Should Teach Their Sons” and decided to think about linking to it in some way.
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Sorry – On A Health Related Sabbatical

[Frequent readers have most likely noticed that the Pediatric House Calls publishing schedule has gotten a bit discombobulated of late. This is due to a health related sabbatical by its only author. Sorry, perhaps we’ll resume new postings next week – till then why not use the archives links in the sidebar. They are both by date and by category. Or use the search bar for posts mentioning your specific words.]

Ten Uncool Things About Getting Older 

Believe me, Ms “Lucky Orange Pants,” a “mommy blogger” who makes me smile, doesn’t yet have a clue what the “real” sucky things are about getting older; but, she shows a remarkable understanding for someone so… not quite so young anymore.