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Am I Ready To Have Sex? 

“Am I ready to have sex?” That’s a question only a rare parent will ever be asked by their teen. But, they might read an article on it – like this one.

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Parenting About Sex, Pressure and Promiscuity

“The Talk” isn’t over when your son or daughter says their final “good night” and walks out the door where you’ve been sitting in private discussing the… ahem… “birds and bees” stuff — not, by a long shot!
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Teenage Sexuality 

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has a page on their web site specifically for teens about sexuality (Ages and Stages). It’s something that you can direct them to or even personally show them as a part of your parenting discussions about puberty, growth, maturity and safety.

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Football Causes Brain Damage Without Concussions

You may be too young to remember, but a hugely profitable company at one time saturated the airways with a television commercial showing a burly football (American) player in full uniform speaking to the camera in a nearly Neanderthal or mentally challenged dilect saying “buy one – get one free!” [For you younger generation it’s the dialect of the dim-witted Vincent Crabb when he asked Harry Potter “What’s a die-dum” in the audio-tape version of Deathly Hallows]
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To Understand Autism

This mother has helped her autistic child when no help was available. She teaches us her simple technique: “Look at Me”

This video is in Spanish using subtitles. TED does not intend to support IE with subtitles so they don’t work. According to them: “either view the video in another browser or view on the TED site.”

Gastric Band for Obese Teens When All-Else Fails

Since mom isn’t daily reminding me to “think of all the starving children in Biafra” I must confess that, perhaps like all of you, I don’t regularly consider that there are millions of other people going about living their daily lives in thousands of other countries – most of whom are also not thinking of me.
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Puberty: Psychological Stages – Part 2

Previously in this series about puberty we’ve learned about the physical changes girls and boys traverse morphing into women and men and how early research by Dr. James Tanner (of the Tanner Scale of puberty) helped further our understanding.
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Rashes You Can Diagnose

Many of you have seemed to enjoy posts where I let you test your own knowledge on medical topics that are helpful for parents to know. Let’s do it again with a few simple cases of rashes which parents can probably diagnose on their own.

Some of them you can treat on your own, some don’t need any treatment at all and a couple will need the help of the pediatrician.
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Puberty: Psychological Stages

I’m sure that Dr. James Tanner didn’t have any idea what would come of it when he took the post that was being offered him by the British Government to continue the Harpenden Orphanage research study in 1948.
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Body Odor

Puberty changes everything for a child and body odors are one of them. A day’s activity for a 6 year old still may enable them to skip a night in the tub now and then; an adolescent… not so much.

Hormonal changes alter the content of perspiration in addition to making it more copious – a breeding ground for the bacteria causing odors. Simple things like bathing every night and wearing only cotton underwear as opposed to silk or synthetics may be all that’s needed for them to skip taunts by their “friends.”