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Puberty: Tanner Stages – Boys

Boys and puberty – what a topic. We’re told that only two people in the history of planet earth got to skip puberty so it’s obviously a phenomenon afflicting earth children since … forever.

We’re still trying to figure it out but the task was made much easier around 1948 when Dr. James M. Tanner, a British pediatric endocrinologist trained in the U.S., was asked to Read more→

Legal Marijuana: Makes Roads Less Safe

An article with the above title appeared in a medical news mashup site that I read frequently and gave some interesting facts and insight.

I’ve been mulling them over in my mind since; so thought that I’d take another opportunity to talk about the difference between Read more→

Puberty: Tanner Stages – Girls

The original study of childhood growth and maturity done by Dr. Tanner at the Harpenden orphanage in England during WWII has been replicated and verified many times since then.
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Childhood Immunizations In A Nutshell: Links

I’ve noticed that there are a lot of blog posts on the internet with outdated information about childhood immunizations. Even the links on a whole lot of physicians web pages fail or point to outdated material.

It’s really not surprising due to the many new ‘official recommendations’ published recently following the frequent recurrences of diseases we thought we had eradicated. Un-immunized children are making new epidemics Read more→

Puberty: Tanner Stages and Growth

Pretty much the second question you field from a parent during your pediatric clerkship in medical school, right after “what’s this yukky looking rash” is: “Do you think (insert name here) is growing well enough?” Or, some equivalent question.
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Infant Repetitive Behaviors and Autism

New research has provided a bit more validation and credibility to the Developmental Milestone questions we’re asking at all the “Well Baby Checks” we’ve been doing.

We already seem to have a bit of a handle on the risk factors for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD); but, Read more→

Fireworks and Kids: Who Wins In A Fight?

July 4th is upon us in ‘the states.’ The day with the largest concentrations of explosions and other pyrotechnics of any; and the day with the greatest numbers of burn and explosive related injuries of any other in our parts.

Many areas have illegalized certain classes of fireworks for safety reasons. Of late much of the new legislations Read more→