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Flatulence: Is It Bad To Fart?

Flatulence is Farting

Farts, more than you wanted to know, discussed in a non-judgmental, educational video format. Should we be worried? Is there a way to prevent it? A fart is not a bad thing but there is a difference between men’s and women’s tolerances.

Measles: The Real Evidence

This year (2015) the U.S. has suffered a huge increase in Measles. An increase unlike any other in recent years! The blame for much of it has been directly placed at the feet of California residents who exercised a “personal belief” exemption in the state’s childhood immunization requirements.
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10 Scary Issues About Concussions

I saw a 5-year-old purple-faced dragon at Sam’s Club trying to go ingognito. She was wearing the lace-up pink boots that everyone knows is what frogs wear when they want to go out on the town. She couldn’t fool me!
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Internet Vaccination Advice Nearly Killed Their Son

I ran across a poignant article while researching the difficult topic of how parents should use the internet to gain medical information – truly, it sounds simple BUT IT’S NOT.

There is a mind-blowing amount of information exposed by a search on Google for about any medical condition! Unfortunately, there is also an incredible amount of crap exposed in that same search!
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Preventing Heat Stroke and Illness in Children: Guidelines 

We’ve spoken before about prevention of heat stroke and other illnesses in children athletes. Here is a concise list of guidelines and best practices from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) for coaches, parents and other advocates for children to use when administering sports programs. There is also an audio commentary to accompany the guidelines.