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Quiz: Are You Ready For The Measles Outbreak?

Ok, after several posts about the Measles “crisis,” let’s see how much you know about the disease and what it’s currently doing to children in the US (2014-15). This little quiz was given on a website designed for physicians and I’ll let you see how well people on the website did on the same questions.
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New Emergency Measles Guidelines

I really hope that by now you’re getting the idea that everyone who truly understands the problem is scrambling around trying to plug the dike on “this measles thing.” The American Academy of Pediatrics Read more→

A Good Book is Like A Secret Door

The intro to Billy Twitters and His Blue Whale Problem is merely the tip of Mac’s iceberg: he lectures and he writes books children can get lost in reading. He used to run a free tutoring center for kids in the back of a pirate supply store but now runs the same in a time travel emporium.

The inimitable Mssr. Barnett seems to have a tiny bit of a problem with boundaries – the ones between wishes and reality. Watch how he explains himself in this TED talk describing why a good book is like a secret door, how writing should escape the page, that art is a doorway to wonder… and see if you can spot his plan to send excess Blue Whales to willing kids.

New Guidelines: Autism, Flu and ACL Tears

We’ve been reviewing all the new pediatric health-care guidelines published last year in the past two articles. So far we’ve found that new research prompted governing groups to release care-guidelines for Congenital Dislocated Hips, Calcium supplementation, Fluoride supplementation, Read more→

‘Disneyland’ Measles Still Racing Through The US

I hate that silly label. Disneyland really had nothing to do with the epidemic except doing it’s job so well that thoughtless parents would rather take their sick child through the park than give up a planned vacation; WHILE at the same time children of equally thoughtless parents traversed the park unimmunized!
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2014 New Children’s Health Guidelines

Eight major sets of published guidelines for children’s health care were developed in 2014. We are discussing them (in lay terms) and how they affect the way we help children stay healthy.
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