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Antibiotic Resistance – NOT A Good Thing 

This video is presented by kind of a “goofball”; but, the content (even though presented a bit theatrically) is fairly solid and gives some great advice for us to use while those who can try and figure out how to dig us out of this hole with bacteria developing antibiotic resistance.

Child Diseases Parents Should Know – Part 8

Child Diseases which are “commonly common” is our continued quest in this Part 8 of the series listing diseases all parents should know about.

I do need to confess that as I go through the pages of my “Second Brain,” which I’ve been telling you about using during my residency training, I’m beginning to get a hint that this endeavor might go on forever.

BMI Calculator For Children 2 to 19 

The Center for Disease Control has published a Basic Metabolic Index (BMI) calculator for children two through nineteen. Simply plug in the gender, age, height and weight and you get the BMI. JUST AS IMPORTANT HOWEVER, is the “disclaimer” and information that they give below the calculator about how BMI should be used and its limitations.

BMI Not Correlating With Activity Level in Children

Finally, after years and years of badgering and nay-saying by pediatricians, politicians and others are awakening to the national dilemma that is: our kids are becoming WAY, WAY too fat! Not the most politically correct way to say it; but, there you are.

Child Diseases Parents Should Know – Part 7

Looking back, it’s a fairly daunting list of child diseases we’ve been talking about in this series; but, a small ray of light shines when you realize that these days nearly all of the deadly ones have a vaccination to prevent them – if we choose to use it.

Immune Platoon – CDC Handouts For Kids

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has prepared several printable handouts for kids anthropomorphizing some of the deadly diseases that they are being protected from in various immunization programs.

They are quite catchy (from a kids point of view) and just might serve to ease the worries a bit about the trip to the doctor and the whole “baby shot” situation. It seems like these days if you can make a cartoon and a game out of something it gets their attention better.

Child Diseases Parents Should Know – Part 6

This list of “commonly common” diseases is getting longer than I anticipated. We’re now in Part 6 of the series: Child Diseases Parents Should All Know About and we have already covered quite a bit.

The last post was a bit scary and I’m afraid this one isn’t much better – (more…)