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Chickenpox – Children’s Video 

Here is an entertaining (if you’re a 6 year old) animated video involving Arthur Arthur and his somewhat obnoxious sister who have to deal with Chickenpox – or as we call it today: Varicella Zoster.

Important Disclaimer: Now days we know better than to actively seek out infection with this disease and the cavalier attitude depicted in the video should definitely NOT be emulated by anyone, especially parents. Major complications can arise from such an infection which can plague an individual for the rest of their lives.

Back To School Health Issues for Physicians and Parents

Kids aren’t the only ones going back to school! Parents need to endure the yearly cycle too. It seems that every year there’s more and more to think about, fill out, arrange, make appointments for, explain, buy….

Gone are the days of merely buying one size larger (more…)

Child Diseases Parents Should Know – Part 5

As they say at the theater: “Today’s featured diseases really need no introduction. Bothering us for millennia but only recently introduced to the vaccine circuit… a frequent winter-spring visitor playing to packed crowds of especially 10-year-olds… contracted by children everywhere… the bane to young and old alike… the old… the unforgettable — Heeeeerrrrrr’s… Chickenpox!”

Summer Childhood Illnesses and Injuries – Part 2

The injuries and illnesses parents must worry about their children getting into changes direction once the crocus blooms and the snow melts revealing a whole new set of things to worry about.

The Emergency Room’s start filling up with children suffering (more…)

Child Diseases Parents Should All Know About – Part 4

We’re now well into the series about Child Diseases Parents Should Know, part four in fact.

What we’re really doing is taking a nostalgic look at the old “second brain” binder which I (along with every other pediatric resident in the world) kept during my four years of medical school and years of pediatric training.

We carried them incessantly, used them constantly and experienced separation anxiety whenever we were parted.

Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)

Conjunctivitis, or “Pink Eye” as it is commonly called, is a highly contagious infection but a bit difficult to diagnose separate from “allergic eyes” caused by pollens and other irritants. Additionally, if it is an infection, it may be caused either by a virus (more common, must run its course) or a bacteria (less common and needs antibiotic drops to heal). This link is to a video of a physician discussing Pink Eye.

Summer Childhood Illnesses and Injuries – Part 1

Summertime is in full swing and the emergency rooms are busy with all the summer childhood illnesses and injuries.

Some of them are the result of mere moments worth of inattentiveness by parents and more of them merely not realizing that the obligatory parental worrying needs to shift focus in the summer from what it has been in the winter.