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Can We CURE AIDS? No and Yes

Can we CURE AIDS? Well, pretty much always no. But hope for a cure has never been brighter than now, with two infants well on their way to a cure – one of them now three years old, if you can believe it, and disease free off meds.

E-Cigarette The Latest SCAM

You take the most addictive substance found in tobacco, sit in a dark room with your scheming buddies and find a way to deliver it straight to a “mark” while circumventing the law – what else do you think you would get besides a brazen SCAM? E-cigarettes!

Mandatory Flu Vaccination For Daycare

Here’s an interesting bit of data for you – an actual result to prove the effectiveness of a law that was passed. Really, how often do we ever get proof of what legislators manipulate us into doing?