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Trampolines: Still NOT a Good Idea For Kids

As they did in 1977, 1981, and 1999 the American Academy of Pediatrics has completed an extensive review of everything we’ve learned in the past 14 years and re- re- re- re-affirmed its policy on trampoline use by children: Don’t let them do it! It’s way too dangerous for recreational use by children.

Behavior “Star Chart” 

This mother has a unique approach to her children’s “star charts” – rewarding good behavior and focusing on “successes.”

Swaddling and Hip Dysplasia

Besides probing around in ears, for a pediatrician, feeling an infants cranial sutures (soft spot) and checking an infants hips for dysplasia comes about as second nature to them as breathing air.

I even find myself doing it subconsciously when somebody shows me their baby at church (more…)

“Go Wash Your Hands” 

“Go wash your hands” – words children can’t hear often enough; but, it shouldn’t always be from you. This page teaches children why and how to wash their hands.
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Numbered Diseases of Childhood: Rashes

About the last time I can see that anyone in the field of medicine attempted to make things a bit easier on ourselves was in 1905 when pediatricians tried to describe the six then known diseases which cause rashes by giving them numbers.

After all, unlike today, back then physicians weren’t so much the type of people who were (more…)