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Breastfeeding: Is It Still A “Choice”?

Pediatricians, as a general rule, are a lot more “laid back” and a lot less “type A” than other types of physicians – surgeons and neurologists come to mind. We pretty much need to be, or go crazy.

Cover Your Cough 

Link to a graphic teaching younger children how to “Cover Your Cough” and why it is important to their health.
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Most Severe Influenza: Young, Unvaccinated Adults

This is one of those instances where the title of the article almost tells you its whole content: Influenza isn’t just an “old people’s disease” anymore. And, being young and otherwise vigorous doesn’t keep you from ending up in the intensive care unit and possibly dying!

Child/Teen Immunization Schedule, 2014: Changes You Should Know

Look, it’s getting so even I’m getting tired talking about immunization schedule, but every time I think about throwing up my hands I remember very clearly (as if it was yesterday) being sent down to the lower hospital ward to retrieve a piece of equipment and needing to push an Iron Lung out of the way in order to get to it.

Migraine Headache in Children

Pretty much everyone has had a headache at some time or other. Unfortunately it is principally viewed as an adult disease when, in fact, it frequently occurs in children and adolescents as well.