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Kids and Handwashing

Even that yahoo father in Sam’s Club that I told you about before, does at least recognize that hands DO need to be washed once in awhile. And if dad can’t be trusted to do it, the duty to teach the kids the proper habit of handwashing falls squarely on mom.

Stupid Things Fathers Do: Hand Washing

I‘ve written articles on this before: “Unintentional Learning”; but, darn-it-all, this one simply must see the open light of day.

I was walking down the isle at “Sam’s” club the other day and came across a most “sophisticated” four or five year old attempting to negotiate with a woman, who I assume was his mother, for some preferred food item. I thought to myself “now that mother has her hands full!”
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What Do I Do About Flu? 

The “Flu” a guide for parents. Here is a great link to the CDCs (Center For Disease Control) pamphlet about how to deal with life when your child: gets, is exposed to, doesn’t want to get or is worried about – the “flu.”

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Poison Ivy, Oak and Sumac in Children

Ok, lets see how astute you are about summer medical problems in children.

You are the doctor and an adolescent comes into your office with swollen eyes and a rash over his face and arms with blisters which itch terribly.

TV Injuries In Toddlers On The Rise

We all know that the greatest motivation most CEOs have, besides manipulating us into thanking them for taking our money, is to stealthily make their product less durable, impossible to repair and contain less resources. Such is the fairly new issue of televisions… which are now falling on our kids!

Adenoidectomy – Speech

[A mother researched the internet to find information that led her to refuse an adenoidectomy when her son had “tubes” in his eardrums due to chronic infections. Now other doctors are recommending the same thing and asks for yet another “opinion” about what she should do. She also claims she’s worried about the hospital being “clean” and wants to go into the operating room with him because she’s a nurses aid.]

Immunization Schedule: 7 to 18 Years 

This is a link to a printable version of the childhood immunization schedule (seven to eighteen years of age) published by the CDC and AAP.


Power Lawn Mower Injuries in Children

[This article on power mower injuries in children was originally published in the spring]

I’ve had some information from the American Academy of Pediatric meeting in Chicago about a favorite past-time of summer which I have been saving until this spring to pass on.

Times To Call Your Pediatrician – Besides the Obvious

In researching for another article I ran across another doctor who had made a handout listing for her patients the “Eight times to call your pediatrician.” That made me think about some of the advice I might give patients which might not make it elsewhere into pamphlets, handouts, parenting books or blogs.