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Children’s Back To School Medical Problems – Part 1

Ask any medical student, intern or resident: “where is the place where you get sick most often” and you’ll be told “the hospital.”

The problem is that the relationship also holds for “adults” with “work” and “children” with “school.” That’s because (more…)

Head Injury in Children

One afternoon next week you are aroused from the kitchen table, where you are sitting paying your bills, by some banging on your front room door. It is the neighbor boy who has come to tell you that your five-year-old son was just hit in the head with a rock and is crying.

Andy Gets A Flu Shot 

I’ve never watched Ellen but once for about 5 minutes while channel surfing, however while researching for an article about flu shots I ran across this clip which just begs to be seen – and he didn’t even cry.

Seven Truths About “The Flu”

The last flu season was perhaps the worst flu season in the past 10 years. Almost every state in the US reported widespread outbreaks causing disruption and other effects on health care providers, hospitals, schools and industry. The mortality rate was unacceptable and precipitated great anxiety amongst the elderly, the pregnant and (more…)

Treating Fever in Infants, Children and Teens

If other pediatricians are like I am, one of the most common topics they discuss on the phone is fever.

Callers sometimes simply state, “My baby has a fever” or “John has a fever of 103” or “Sally has a fever again; she needs some antibiotics,” – as if fever were the disease.

Teen Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease On Rise

You may, like me, be tired of hearing about all the medical problems and warnings these days; but, as if we’ve not had enough already, there’s one more to either: keep you up at night or spur you into taking action.